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Advice To Tenants

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We at Landmark Property Management understand that the search for a new home is not an easy one. Our professional and well-trained staff aim to assist you in finding a property that's right for you. 

When you have selected a property you would like to rent you should provide the following:
•    A completed application form
•    Proof of ID/Residency/Signature e.g. driving licence, passport, utility bill
•    Your National Insurance Number

When your application has been completed and approved we will confirm the date to begin the tenancy. You will be required to pay a deposit which will usually be equal to one calendar month’s rent unless otherwise advertised. Where a tenancy is to commence within 7 days of acceptance of your application this deposit can be paid at the start of your tenancy. Where a tenancy is to start in excess of 7 days the deposit must be paid immediately upon acceptance of your application and this will secure the property for you up to a maximum of 28 days. If at the end of this period you fail to take up the offer of tenancy this deposit will be forfeit. An additional deposit sum will be charged where pets have been permitted by the Landlord - this will be by separate negotiation and dependent upon the type/number of pets. On commencement of your tenancy you will be required to pay one calendar month’s rent in advance. 

All deposits paid by tenants must now be paid into a Government approved scheme by ourselves in order to ensure they are protected against unreasonable claims against them at the end of a tenancy. Your tenancy agreement will provide details of the scheme used along with ‘prescribed information’ about that scheme. Within 14 days of the commencement of your tenancy you will receive a certificate confirming the deposit has been placed within this scheme. 

We require that your rent is payable by standing order monthly in advance. If you are in receipt of housing benefit, any additional payment should be paid monthly by standing order. The local authority payment will normally be made directly to Landmark Property Management. In any instance where payment is not made directly to us, you are responsible for ensuring payment in full on to us upon receipt.

All tenants should carefully check the inventory for the property at commencement of the tenancy. This is the area most likely to cause dispute between tenants and landlords so please pay particular attention. All meter readings should be carefully verified and agreed before signing and dating the inventory. 

All utility services: gas, electricity, council tax, water and TV license are your responsibility. Landmark Property Management will advise the utility suppliers of your occupation of the property. 

Landlords are responsible for insuring the building and their property within it. It is a condition of your acceptance for a tenancy that you take out specialist insurance cover to protect the landlord against damage to the interior of the property against damage, whether accidental or malicious. This can easily be arranged at the same time as arranging cover for your own belongings, but if you require any help in this regard we are happy to assist.  If the property you are renting is partly or fully furnished you should also insure the landlord's contents against accidental damage. We will require evidence that cover is in place before the tenancy can commence. In any instance that is not covered by insurance, but for which you are deemed responsible, your deposit can be used to remedy this. Any remainder will be returned to you at the end of your tenancy. 

You must contact our office to report any repair or maintenance required and arrangements will be made to undertake these. If you call out your own contractor without prior permission from us you will be liable for payment of any charges. 

During the tenancy an inspection will be carried out quarterly. This is to ensure that you are upholding your tenancy agreement. You may also bring to our attention any problems you may be experiencing with the property. 

In most instances, your tenancy is initially for a six month period. Towards the end of this period we will contact to confirm whether you wish to sign a further six month agreement. This will tie you to the property for a further fixed period and any notice given by you can not expire until the end of this period. Alternatively, the Landlord may agree to a monthly rolling agreement, or 'periodic' agreement. In this instance, once the initial tenancy period has ended you can give one calendar month's notice, in writing, to terminate the tenancy. The landlord must give you two months notice. In both instances notice must be given on or before the rent due date.
Your tenancy does not automatically terminate at the end of the term agreed, it will only terminate after notice has expired. 

The landlord has the right, any time after the fourth month of a six month tenancy agreement, to give tenants two months’ notice to quit.
This remains the case where a fixed period tenancy has expired and become 'periodic'. Landlords must give two months statutory notice.
The notice would be issued by in writing by Landmark Property Management, in accordance with the Housing Act. 

Before your tenancy expires, it is advisable that you review the inventory agreement and ensure that all items are as they were on commencement of your tenancy.
   •    All keys provided must be returned, if they are not returned the locks will be changed and you will incur the charge for this.
   •    All carpets must be professionally cleaned, particularly where pets have been permitted.
   •    All kitchen appliances must be thoroughly cleaned and freezers defrosted.
   •    The property must be clean and tidy throughout and suitable for immediate occupation.
All tenants are advised to contact Royal Mail regarding mail re-direction. All matters regarding mail handling are not the responsibility of Landmark Property Management.